Exploring the Best Neighborhoods for a Night Out in Nashville, Tennessee

When it comes to a night out, Nashville, Tennessee has plenty of options.

East Nashville

is the trendiest spot for locals, with its wide selection of dive bars, cocktail lounges, music venues, and restaurants that stay open late.

Five Points

is the heart of the more bohemian side of the city, with plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, and galleries. If you're looking for live music that goes beyond the downtown scene, the clubs around Five Points are the perfect places to hang out.

The Gulch is a great example of how many of Nashville's neighborhoods are close together but offer a unique perspective on life in the city. This former warehouse district has been transformed into a chic area with boutique hotels, upscale fashion stores, and some of the best restaurants in town. Milk and Honey is a modern coffee shop that's great for espresso or lunch, and their ice cream shop is a must-try. The Pub Nashville is a great spot for live entertainment and pub-style food.

If you'd rather prepare your own meal, head to The Turnip Truck for fresh local produce.


is another great neighborhood that has everything you need for an afternoon or night out.

Downtown Nashville

is home to Broadway and all its iconic glitz and glamour.

Belle Meade

is another historic neighborhood that's famous for its vintage architecture and its past as a leading thoroughbred hatchery.

Germantown is known for its large number of German immigrants in the mid-19th century and its Victorian buildings. It's also a great spot for street art exhibitions and delicious cuisine. Finally, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park is part of Germantown and offers visitors a weekly Farmer's Market and plenty of history about Tennessee.

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