Jul 7

Popular Dog Parks in Nashville, Tennessee

Exercise, play, and socialization are what every happy dog wants. Nashville, Tennessee, has not ignored these needs and has several options for dogs and their owners to enjoy a beautiful day in the sun.

Warner Dog Park: Edwin Warner Park, 50 Vaughn Road
Hours: Dawn to dusk.
Warner Dog Park is a huge, wide-open park which allows for easy monitoring of your dog. The lack of shade reduces the mud found in other parks but this can lead to an uncomfortably hot outing mid-day.

Shelby Dog (more…)

May 20

Top 5 Places to Dine in Nashville, Tennessee

Although it is known as the city of music, Nashville actually offers a diverse business atmosphere that has helped the city weather the recession. The combination of a mild climate and good old southern hospitality makes it a good place to visit and an even better place to live. The food in Nashville is as diverse as its residents. Here it is easy to find cheap college eats and five-star restaurants within a few blocks of each other. The following are five of the best places to eat while in Nashville.

No trip to Nashville would be complete (more…)

Mar 29

Free Things to Do in Nashville

If you are looking for free activities in Nashville, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Check out Nashville’s Weekly Lawn Party on Saturdays at Centennial Park. Everyone from families with young children to senior citizens enjoy attending this free weekly concert. A variety of musicians perform to appeal to most music lovers.

Nashville is Tennessee’s state capitol. Tours of the capitol are free. Built in 1859, the Tennessee state capitol building is known for its grandeur.

If your family enjoys an active lifestyle, (more…)

Dec 29

What are the Schools Like in Nashville?

When looking for a home in a new neighborhood, potential home buyers often consider the reputation of a school district and the impact that it will have on their home’s value. This is an important step. However, aside from financial considerations, looking at the culture of the neighborhood schools can provide useful information about the community’s residents and the values held by that community.

In Nashville, the options for a public school education are numerous. The Metropolitan Nashville Public School District is the main district (more…)

Dec 25

5 Famous Landmarks in Nashville, Tennessee Worth Visiting

The city of Nashville, Tennessee has a lot of entertaining places to visit. Here is a list of five famous landmarks in Nashville. Do not pass up the opportunity to get an up close and personal view of these notable landmarks.

Fontanel Mansion
If you love touring homes, you will love this beautiful log home. Let your imagination wander as you take a tour of the intriguing grounds.

The Parthenon
Experience a piece of Greece without having to leave the country. This is a wonderful replica (more…)

Dec 22

A Look at Nashville’s Booming Nightlife

There are few small cities as fun as Nashville. It has everything from dance clubs to hole-in-the-wall bars for people to visit on a Friday night. Every young person knows about Graham Central Station and the Wildhorse Saloon. Graham Central Station has five floors that are all setup with a different club theme. People pay a single entrance fee and are free to move between the floors all that they want. The most popular floor is on the roof and is always open to the stars. There is something for everyone regardless of musical tastes or age.I found (more…)

Dec 19

Tips for Selling Your House Fast

With sluggish real estate numbers nationwide, many homeowners are worried about their home spending months on the market. Fortunately for Nashville residents, buyers are constantly on the lookout for attractive property in one of Tennessee’s most vibrant cities. While this alone gives homeowners an edge over those in other cities, there are also several simple techniques that can help ensure homes sell quickly after becoming available.

Firstly, it is important to look at a property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Start on the curb and work through to (more…)

Dec 17

How to Find an Inexpensive Home in Nashville, Tennessee

Looking for houses can always be stressful, especially when you see the price tags attached to them. To find an inexpensive home in Nashville, the first step is to contact a real estate agent. He or she can help you find homes that are within your budget. Consider looking at homes that are a little bit above your budget too. Making an offer less than the listed price is generally expected by the seller. The exception to this is when it comes to bank owned comes that are already (more…)